Do not u ever feel disappointed, China !!

Published September 9, 2011 by Dalia Hazem

Lately, I found out that when I have an idea wandering in my skull, I cana never get to sleep, even if I really want to !

At that dark night, I had more that on  annoying idea racing in my head without giving me any chance to relax my poor brain .. I thought about my personal problems ,, the current country situation .. and the most important thing: my project .. my crazy poject actually!!

Yeah.. my crazy project .. that is how some people saw and still see it .. for nothing but it is unprecedented !!

“You are dreaming!” .. maybe that is what they are thinking about !

I decided to ignore all the disappointed comments and began immediately my hard work. But as soon as I began, I realized how dreamy I was!! Difficulties annoy me .. laziness bothers me .. that is really hard .. I did not expect it to be like that .. well, I have to confess: I am disappointed .. fed up also!!

Thanks God.. that is a temporary disappointment because  I quickly understood my role .. I got the message and knew the aim of being in this world !!

The eternal aim .. I should work and work till my last breath .. that is why I am here .. that is what I learnt not only from the whole situation but also from the chinese company that I emailed to  ask them if they have any branches in Egypt .

Not havin a branch in Egypt did not surprise me because what I found surprising was that the company replied to my email and was completely ready to send me what ever I want !

They did not care about the distance .. or being in another continent because they only care for working .. they are hardworker and that is what makes me respect these people .. these people who  do not have the freedom to express their own opinions tillnow .. but they still have hope and they have not felt disappointed yet !!

Dalia Hazem



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