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Without title

Published March 27, 2013 by Dalia Hazem

Whenever I get to bed,
Volcano of Ideas erupts in my head.
Feel too lazy to write them down,
so I get to sleep and let them drawn.
Every Morning I wake up
intending to stop

But simply I am weaker
than how much I am eager

I shall confess:
My Passion is getting less
What causes me stress
I am taking the risk
of writing down
what comes to mind
wherever I am
not only on desk

Dalia Hazem


هذا و قد

Published March 27, 2013 by Dalia Hazem


هذا و قد افتكر العبيط 
إن ظلمه في أخره خيط
يمسكه بأصغر “صباع”
يسحبه أتخن “بتاع”
فيطلعه برًه الغويط !!

هذا و قد حاول الوضيع
بـ”قضايا” يخلي الحق يضيع
راح يحلب “حق” من “الطور”
بيلبس غيره الطرطور
حقا إنه فيلم بديع !! 😛


داليا حازم

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