Addicted to Block Notes !!

Published September 5, 2013 by Dalia Hazem


Addiction has lots of types ; there are people who are addicted to drugs, alcohol, food and even chocolate . I am crazy about chocolate as well but this is another story since my new type of addiction is STATIONARY!! .. Yeah .. Stationary .. Wherever I am in a stationary-Store, I can’t stop myself from touching every thing ! Notebooks .. Pens .. Block notes .. specially those block notes ..

To be honest with u, I don’t like to think of the reason behind this illness .. But after thinking, it could be the non-comprehensible relation between block notes and books. I adore books .. I like to read .. to touch .. to sniff them .. and even to write them .. And writing needs paper and paper means block notes , ain’t that right?

That sounds pretty convincing for me.

What do u think ?

Dalia Hazem


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