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Tiny Story 2

Published January 30, 2014 by Dalia Hazem

They were sitting on an old rusty bench, admiring a sunset of a sun that never came out that day, when suddenly he decided to interrupt their sleepy silence, saying:

-“I don’t believe in God!”

-“Don’t you?”, she asked carelessly without removing her eyes from where she was looking .. she kept looking forward.


-“Well. Now I have nothing to say. I am not in a the mood of talking. And it’s your life anyway”, she said with a cold, monotonous, non-faltering voice and kept looking forward.

He was surprised because this one wasn’t her .. simply. She used to discuss him .. to argue with him .. to agree .. to disagree .. to, at least, look at him! She was used to that .. so was he!

-“That’s weird! Are not you gonna ask me: Why? and start a new discussion  with me?”

-“Why should I ask you? You have already done that for me? You have just asked .. All what you need to know is an answer for the question!”

-“That’s somehow right!”


-“Well. Life is so cruel. People are bad .. Wars are everywhere. You believe in God, but if there is God, then why there is so much misery in the world.”

Coming out of her silence and keeping that FORWARD-LOOK she said:

-“Life is not meant to be good .. or in other words: not meant to be just good .. there is good and there is evil .. This is the life .. Being good all the time means that we are in Paradise .. and being evil  day in and day out means nothing but being in hell .. and we are in none of them .. we are in the real, ordinary, normal life where elements of the 2 previous worlds combine to form our days and years .. and Life! Have you ever read fairy tales?”


-“And what were the main elements of them?”

He paused for a while and said: “Prince and Princess.”

She lift her eyebrow and looked at him with blame: “Come on .. Think big!

-“Then I will go for Good and Evil ! Is that right?”

-“Bingo .. Good and Evil .. This is the spirit !”, she said during clapping her hands in a childish way ..”In every fairy tale, there is a mighty fight between Good and Evil .. No matter how long this fight will continue .. No matter how mean and strong the Evil is, Good, somehow, makes it to the end and finds its own way to defeat Evil and overwhelm everyone with happiness. You agree?”

-“Yes .. Sure. But what does that have to do with any thing?”

-“By what do you think such tales are inspired?”

-“Reality.. Life .. But why do we have to go through all that misery? Why do we have to suffer?”

She sighed .. paused .. then said: “We travel along way to get to out destination at the end .. we go through misery to know how to enjoy the taste of Good .. to learn how to miss the Good .. to embrace that Good when it comes .. we go through misery to deserve the Good waiting for us at the end of the journey.”

-“So you thing we have to wait till we get to that happy ending”

-“We will get to it .. It’s just a matter of time and patience .. and work .. Don’t ever think we will get the Good without hard work.”

-“We should work and wait.”

She looked at him wondering and said: “Wait for what?”

He didn’t expect the question: “For what we were talking about at the very beginning maybe!”

-“Which was ?”

-“I .. I don’t remember ..”, he smiled.

She laughed and said: “That’s good .. That’s good!” and kept looking forward.








Tiny Story

Published January 28, 2014 by Dalia Hazem

-“You can’t go forward, while you are looking back! Let it go and go on with your life ..Both of you should go .. Otherwise you are gonna be stuck with it for the rest of your life .. and you know what? During that you are gonna do nothing but torturing yourself and blaming it .. and the only thing that will be having fun, will be that miserable memory that  you can’t let go!”



يحكى أن (2) – حمار

Published January 28, 2014 by Dalia Hazem

يحكي أن هناك حمار
سافر في كل الأقطار
هب ودب وسار فصار
تَعِبا من كتر الأسفار
فجلس وقرر الاستقرار
في بلد أراضيه قِفار
ليعظ ويسرد في الأخبار
عن أرض يملؤه عمار
فطالبه القوم بتغيير يوقف من ضرر الأشرار
ابتسم الأبلة وتنكر وقال: “أنا محض حمار” !





يحكي أن (1) – فيل

Published January 26, 2014 by Dalia Hazem

يحكى أن هناك فيل
عاش لزمن جد طويل
صال وجال وهاج وماج وقال ولم يسمع ما قيل!
أكل وشرب فتعب فنام ولما استيقظ وجد قتيل !!
فسب ولعن وشجب وندب وأسهب في طول التحليل!

ولها بقية





Tiny Story 1

Published January 25, 2014 by Dalia Hazem

After spending a few seconds admiring her in her dark-pink coat, he said smiling:

“Did I ever tell you how pretty you look in that coat?”

Her cheeks turned red when she heard that .. she smiled and though about what she should say, then she answered with a shy smile:

“Actually it is the first time I wear it! But thank you .. You made my day!”
He smiled back and remained silent until she broke the wall of silence with a voice that regrets alot:

“Did I ever tell you that I am sorry for not being there when you needed me?”

Without looking at her he said: “You did” .. He paused for seconds and added “now” .. Then he looked her friendly in the eye, held her right hand gently and said softly:

“and it’s enough for me”.



في المكتب 1

Published January 24, 2014 by Dalia Hazem

بدأت الحياة العملية !

وماذا في ذلك؟ ما المشكلة؟ .. لا يمكن القول بأن هناك مشكلة حقا .. ولكن في الوقت نفسه لا يمكن تجاهل وجود شئ أصغر من المشكلة بقليل.

المشكلة تكمن في أن ذلك الذي بدأت حياته العملية لتوه، لم يعمل في حياته إطلاقا، بل أمضى سنوات عمره السابقة في الدراسة .. والدراسة .. و لا شئ سوى الدراسة.

إنها الوظيفة الأولى بعد 11 عاما في المدرسة .. و أربع سنوات في الجامعة مما يعطينا في النهاية مجموع 15 سنة من الدراسة والمذاكرة. يا إلهى .. إنه عمر .. ما كل هذه الوقت؟

بعد كل ذلك الوقت، يكتسب المرء عادات يصعب عليه نسيانها. عادات حفرت وتأصلت في نفسه وعقله. يشعر المرء بحاجته لعالم آثار متمرس للتنقيب عن هذه العادات وإخراجها من مخبأها داخل “زخانيئ” عقله، ودهاليز نفسه.. ثم التخلص منها وإلقائها في أقرب صندوق قماممة وربما يقوم بعد ذلك بحرقها للتأكد من القضاء عليها بشكل تام؛ حتى لا يفاجأ بها تعود إليه مرة أخرى من اللامكان حاملة معها الماضي السحيق المسحوق !!

كل عادة من تلك العادات المتأصلة تمثل مشكلة حقيقة .. مشكلة طريفة في الواقع ..

مثلا بعد 15 من السنوات الدراسية التي تتخللها إجازات نصف عام وإجازات صيفية يصعب عليك تقبل الحقيقة المرة القائلة بأنه عليك أن تعمل طوال العام .. فيكون لسان حالك:   ماذا؟ ألا توجد إجازة نصف عام؟؟ أهذه دعابة سخيفة أم ماذا؟ سأعمل عاما كاملا بشكل متصل؟؟ ولكن كيف؟ عقلي ليس مؤهلا لهذا الأمر .. اعتدت أن أعمل – أو أدعي ذلك- طيلة ثلاثة أشهر حتى أستريح بعد ذلك لمدة أسبوعين .. أسبوعين فقط .. حتى الأسبوعين صاروا في طي النسيان؟

ليست هذه المشكلة الوحيدة بالطبع التي عليك التأقلم معها .. فهناك غيرها كثير .. ولكن تلك مشاكل تذكر في مقال آخر!

داليا حازم



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