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Home !

Published June 9, 2014 by Dalia Hazem

Home !


Dark mornings 1

Published June 8, 2014 by Dalia Hazem

“Winter” .. I have no idea what winter is .. I have never experienced it in my short life .. not even for once .. 16 years I have spent in this land and I have never seen one winter. Actually, this doesn’t represent any problem for me because I am not the only one who hasn’t witnessed it .. It is a thing that features a whole generation!


Dalia Hazem

Tiny Post 1

Published June 6, 2014 by Dalia Hazem

Normal people thing of what they are going to write in their memoirs of autobiographies. Those are “normal”! We have nothing to do with them, so put them aside, next to the nearest wall .. cover them with any blanket or sheet or whatever .. and forget about them. They are “normal” which is “weird” .. absolutely weird.

Yeah .. They are weird. I am the normal one, because when you are weird but surrounded be too many weird people, you feel like: “Hey, I am not different. There are too many people of my kind which means I am not the only and the last one of my kind. Okey! Listen to me, you so called normal people! I am not weird .. and stop calling me “weird”, coz if you did, I will call you “weird” back!

Be careful .. I am dangerous .. and normal!”


Why I am saying this? Anyway, Normal people think of the content of their autobiographies .. of what they are going to write inside them. I, on the other hand, think out  of the box .. or out of the “book” actually. Because, instead of thinking about what I am going to write in the book that will document my marvelous life-story, I think of what I am going to write on the COVER. See!!?? This is what we call “Thinking out of the book”.


I am thinking about the title  I am gonna give to my autobiography, before thinking  – and Knowing- what I am going to write in it!

Well.. You need to be different from time to time. And so I will. I think my autobiography will be nothing but a title. The pages will be blank and empty, not just because I didn’t manage to decide what to write about, but also because I didn’t remember what to write about!

I, actually, can’t recall many things. My memory is just awesome! It is a dilemma! We need to put an end to this problem. But before this, we have to calm down and think of a good catchy title for my autobiography. Because THIS is the biggest dilemma!


Dalia Hazem

Tiny Story 5

Published June 3, 2014 by Dalia Hazem

“You know this ridiculous feeling when you remember exact situations with certain clear detail that happened years ago, but you still remember them clearly! .. Not just that .. You have a strong feeling they just happened yesterday .. not years ago! You know that feeling?”

“I do .. Like meeting you for the first time .. I still remember it like it happened yesterday”

She allowed her head to rest on his shoulder and smiled .. then said: “It did, indeed. It was just yesterday. You just forgot”.

He smiled back and released his head over hers!

Dalia Hazem


Tiny Story 4

Published June 2, 2014 by Dalia Hazem

“This is painful .. extremely painful. Do you realize what is means?”


“I do. That’s why I am telling you to be patient. let yourself feel the pain and try to get over it. Pain means life. Because as long as you are able to feel the pain, you are alive. Once you stop feeling it, you ‘re dead!


Even when breathing is painful, it’s still breathing .. it’s still a sign of life .. Though it’s a painful sign.

Pain is the feature of the livings. It’s a painful truth. Yet, it is true!

Death itself is a sign of life. You can’t die without being alive at the first place, Can you?”


Dalia Hazem

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