Desperate College Girls – 1

Published April 8, 2015 by Dalia Hazem

Desperate College Girls

Eposide (1)

Lily Tomlin said once: “When I was growing up I always wanted to be someone. Now I realize I should have been more specific.”

I think I need to respond to this.

“Dear Lily, you did nothing wrong. I was already  more specific. And guess what? It didn’t work. At least, not as I was expecting .. not as any one of them was expecting!”


For 4 years, I was the Know-it-all-girl because I had quite good knowledge of what I should know. I know my syllabuses, my homework, my friends, my favorite food, the size of my shoes and .. my aim in life. Having put a side that it wasn’t the greatest aim in the galaxy, it was cool enough for me .. it was a good motivation for me to move on .. and guess what again? (you’re gonna be asked to “guess what” a lot. So don’t get bored and start to work on improving your ability to “guess what” without even being asked. Be mature!) It worked like magic.

I can proudly say: I survived the 4 years with the slightest damages. I kept my sanity. I remained in shape, somehow, depending on your definition of “remaining in shape” and how much you weigh. My grades were awesome. My head was full of dreams (P.S. I was idiot). My spirit was young (And I want you to focus on “me using the past form of ‘verb to be’ ” in the last sentence. I am getting old, my friend). The life ahead of me looked so bright (Which turned out later to be optical illusions).

To make a short story even shorter, I was happy. And that was the last time I felt happy. No. Wait! It was the before-the-last time.


Ravens .. I love Ravens .. They are so cute and black .. Not to mention, that there is plenty of them where I work. I thought it was natural (P.S. Go back to the previous P.S.). It wasn’t. It was nothing but a WARNING. Who said I was good at understanding warning? Bring me that liar and I will give him my warning.

Anyway, an old myth says that ravens are captured souls. Don’t ask me for more details about the myth because I am not really that much into details. I feel afraid of my own shadow .. and the bathtub when it’s full of water! (Don’t you dare say a word! Okey!?)

It wouldn’t be normal for me to know the whole scary myth, then. Actually, I don’t need to know it .. I may experience it ..  personally !!


Dalia Hazem


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